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Nozawa Onsen Resort is known as a world-class ski resort and traditional hot spring village, but it is also an outdoor playground in green season. The resort has a nice variety of fun activities for green season guests to get out enjoy the fresh air, cooler temperatures and uncrowded landscape around Mt. Kenashi. 

Nozawa Onsen Zipline Adventure

Zip Skyride

Nozawa Onsen’s “Zip Skyride” zipline and the Summer Ski slope are located at the Nozawa Onsen Sports Park  at Hikage Station. The Zip Skyride is a great way to conquer your fear of heights while enjoying a safe, fun and refreshing ride–with a great view–down the 652-meter slope, reaching speeds up to 70 kmh, and finishing at the Nasky Kids Park

Summer Slope at Nozawa Onsen

Summer Skiing in Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen Resort also features a summer ski slope that attracts skiers from around Japan in the green season where they can train throughout the off season. The slope is covered with a 500-meter surface that offers surprisingly snow-like conditions for carving turns. Ski and snowboard rentals are available on site. 

The Yu Road, which is near the Ogama cooking onsen, is a covered escalator that takes you from the village straight up to the Nozawa Onsen Sports Park where the zipline, summer skiing and Nasky Kids Park are located.

Hit the Trails in Nozawa Onsen

Hiking in Nozawa Onsen

Northern Nagano is a great place for hiking. The Shinetsu Trail is just across the valley but there are also some enjoyable hikes around the village. If you want a good workout hike up the skyline to the top of Mt. Kenosha for some great views. There is also an easy trail over to Hokuryukyo, the heart-shaped lake where you can enjoy SUP, fishing or continue on around the lake for a picnic among the statues of the gods, head back or continue up to Kosuge Shrine. From here it is another hour and a half round trip.

Compass House has hiking guides that can take you to secret waterfalls, such as Akataki, or the ridgeline back to Nozawa Onsen from Kosuge Shrine. There are bears in the area so it is advised to wear bear bells while hiking. They are not aggressive but can be if startled to best to take precautions and announce your arrival when possible. We can also suggest guides for hiking the Shinetsu Trail, Shiga Kogen, Myoko Kogen and other areas.. Autumn is the prime hiking season with dry trails, beautiful fall foliage and stable weather.

Play Tennis in Nozawa Onsen


Nozawa Onsen resort has 8 tennis courts available for villagers and guests near the golf range and Olympic Sports Park. The village rate is 100 yen per hour and we can help arrange for you. There is also a hitting wall for practice. We can arrange a hitting partner for beginner to advanced players depending on availability and if you would like lessons please let us know and we can also see if an instructor is available. The tennis park is just before you reach the golf driving range.

Fun for Kids in Nozawa Onsen

Nasky Kids Park

The Nasky Kids Park at Hikage Station is operated by the ski resort. It is located just at the top of the Yu Road (moving escalator) and there is a fee to use the equipment, bounce areas and other equipment. Parking 3, just below Sparena, has a big grass area and small pond next to a river that is great for relaxing in the afternoon.

Parks Near Nozawa Onsen

Other Nearby Parks

If you want to just go relax at a park, there are several great free parks a short drive away with lots of space for kids to roam. Our kids especially love Keyaki-no-mori, about a 10 minute drive away in Kijimidaira and just down the hill from Maguse Onsen, which has one of the best rotenburo (open-air outdoor baths) in the area. Yamabiko Park is up past Kjimidaira Ski Resort and Nagamine Park in Iiyama is another big park (with an outdoor swimming pool in summer) about 15 minutes away. 

Note: The new Nagasaka Gondola will be open in December 2020 and we will update this page with details on all the new Green Season activities available at the top of the mountain for the 2021 season.


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