Family Fun

Keep the kids active–boating, paddling or mellow rafting in the rivers and lakes or swimming in summer, and the beach is only an hour away! Venture up to the Kids Park at the resort let the kids roam or picnic at one of several local parks. After all that fun, relax with a BBQ in the backyard or enjoy the many restaurants open year round (including the sushi train at Kappa Sushi in Iiyama).

Enjoy a BBQ in Nozawa Onsen

Backyard BBQ at Yoji Nozawa

Nothing says summer like a backyard barbecue and we love to BBQ at Yoji Nozawa. The backyard (just out the back of the yoga/fitness room) has a charcoal Weber barbecue available for guests, outdoor chairs, tables, bluetooth speaker, solar lights and everything else you need to enjoy a bbq on your green season holiday to Nozawa Onsen.. We also have a custom-made cornhole set (backyard fun!).

The Washino Meat Shop in Nozawa Onsen has a good variety of meat and sausages great for the barbecue. BBQ space at Yoji Nozawa is available until 10pm and we do ask that noise be kept low after 9pm as we do have neighbors close by.

Nozawa Onsen Sports Park

Kids Park at nozawa onsen

The Kids Park at the Hikage area is operated by the Nozawa Onsen Sports Park. It is right at the tp of the Yu Road (moving escalator) that runs in summer.  There is a fee to enjoy the facilities that include bounce areas, obstacle courses and other equipment. There is also a big grassy park area just above Parking 3 (down from Sparena), which has a big grass area and small pond next to a river that is great for relaxing in the afternoon as well.

Enjoy Park Life in Nozawa Onsen

Other Nearby Parks

If you want to just go relax at a park, there are several great free parks a short drive away with lots of space for kids to roam and the small park in front of Shichirohei Coffee in the village is nice for small children (and nice having the restaurant across the street). Our kids especially love Keyaki-no-mori, about a 10-minute drive in Kijimidaira–and just down the hill from Maguse Onsen, which has one of the best rotenburo (open-air outdoor baths) in the area. Yamabiko Park is up past Kjimidaira Ski Resort and Nagamine Park in Iiyama is another big park (with an outdoor swimming pool in summer) about 15 minutes away. 

Note: The new Nagasaka Gondola will be open in December 2020 and we will update this page with details on all the new Green Season activities available at the top of the mountain for the 2021 season.

Take a Refreshing Dip This Summer


Nothing beats the heat of summer than swimming in some cool, refreshing water. Each summer Sparena–the village run hot spring facility– opens its outdoor pool. It is a great place to enjoy some water time with the family as well as indoor and outdoor hot springs (swimsuits are worn in the outdoor hot spring and pool) and the second floor outdoor deck and restaurant is a fun place for lunch or sunset drinks and dinner after a big day. The Grand Hotel also has an outdoor pool and beer garden in summer super convenient for people staying at Yoji Nozawa. Check open and close dates for both each summer but the outdoor pools usually close August 31. Pools are great, but jumping off dock into a clean swimming lake can’t be beat. Lake Nojiri is just 45 minutes away from Nozawa Onsen where you can swim and enjoy various water sports.

Take a Rafting Adventure Nozawa Onsen

Family River Rafting

Nozawa Onsen Village is located between the peak of Mt. Kenashi (1,650 meters) and the Chikuma River that runs west all the way to the Japan Sea. There is a very mellow stretch of river that is great for family rafting with young kids that runs from Yutaki Onsen (riverside hot spring just below the village) down river. It’s about one hour and a half ride down and you can enjoy a nice indoor or outdoor hot spring and lunch afterwards at Yutaki before heading back to Nozawa Onsen.

Ride Around Lake Hokuryu


Cycling around the village or up the mountain can be difficult with small kids, but the ride over to Lake Hokuryu is enjoyable and there are some great cycling paths and roads down by the Chikuma River. The big grass area by Parking 3 is good for kids with strider bikes as well.

Ninja Village Near Nozawa Onsen

Togakushi Ninja Museum

If your kids (especially boys) are like ours, they they love ninja. About an hour away across the valley toward Nagano City is Togakushi. The village is famous for soba, beautiful temples and shrines–ad ninja! There are two ninja attractions, the main ninja museum is on the main road just past the cedar-lined path to the mountain shrine. The kids ninja park is a little trickier to find, but is down a small road in the main village just in from the large torii gate in the center of the village.

Head out to the Beach!


If you want to enjoy a “surf and turf” holiday enjoying the mountains and the sea it’s easily doable as the beach is only an hour away. Stay for a week and have plenty of time to enjoy all the mountain and lake activities as well as a trip to the beach, aquarium, great sea food and fun in the sand for the kids or to catch a few early morning waves.


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