Access Nozawa onsen

Getting to Nozawa Onsen: The traditional hot spring village at the foot of a world-class ski resort.

Yoji Nozawa is just a four-minute walk from the Nozawa Onsen Chuo Bus Terminal (right in front of Winterland Taproom) and if you have any trouble finding us or need help just pop into Winterland and and our team can reach us. Once you arrive to Yoji Nozawa it is also just 90 meters to the Shinyu Pair Lift so super easy to get up the mountain. The Yu Road (covered moving escalator) is also a 6-minute walk, which ends right at Hikage Station. Check out our custom Google Map for more information on hot springs, shops and restaurants nearby. Please note that check in is 3pm and check out is 10am. Please check the Nozawa Liner Bus Schedule for bus and bullet train times.

Download the Yoji Nozawa Arrival Info before you depart for Nozawa Onsen. Step by step directions to Yoji Nozawa. If you are arriving by car, parking is available if reserved ahead of time (1,500 yen for first night and 500 yen for additional nights). If our parking is full then there is a covered pay parking lot at Shinden and the ski resort also has several pay overnight parking areas, all are the same price.

Step 1: Tokyo Airports to Iiyama Station

From Narita Airport
Narita Airport to Tokyo Station (via Narita Express) to Iiyama Station
(via Hokuriku Shinkansen)
Narita Airport to Ueno Station (via Keisei Skyliner) to Iiyama Station (via Hokuriku Shinkansen)

From Haneda Airport
Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station (via Narita Express) to Iiyama Station (via Hokuriku Shinkansen)

For train times and schedule visit Jorudan Transit Planner

Step 2: Iiyama Station to Nozawa Onsen
(Chuo Bus Terminal)

The Nozawa Liner leaves Iiyama Station 8 or 9 minutes after the arrival of the Shinkansen trains from Tokyo (except for the last train of the day, if you are on this train note you will need to take a taxi to Nozawa Onsen). It is a very comfortable bus with storage space for luggage below. Reservations are not needed. If a a bus fills up they have another ready. If you check out the photos and videos below it will be a breeze – and remember trains and buses leave on time in Japan!

Fare is 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for kids and you pay when you get on the bus. The bus schedule for each season is available in mid-Deceber and changes again at the end of March. We will update the Nozawa Liner If you would like to take a taxi for convenience, a regular taxi is about 5,000 yen and a jumbo taxi is a bit more. See the video below for a guide for which exit to use for the Nozawa Liner Bus from the station. 

For train times and schedule visit Jorudan Transit Planner or Google Maps and the Nozawa Liner noting there is no bus after the last train!

Step 3: Chuo Bus Terminal to Yoji Nozawa

It’s a short 3-minute walk (240 meters) from the bus stop to Yoji Nozawa, but we are happy to come meet you to help with luggage if you notify us 48 hours before arrival. Just pop into Winterland Taproom and our staff there can also notify us of your arrival. A private, direct shuttle from Iiyama Station to Yoji Nozawa is also available if pre-booked before arrival, but can depend on availability.

Step 4: Send your gear via Yamato (Black Cat)

If you are traveling in Tokyo or Osaka etc. before coming to Nozawa Onsen, we highly recommend using a takyubin (courier service) to send large luggage or ski gear to Yoji Nozawa so you do not need to carry it around and it is here when you arrive. Yamato (Black Cat) is the most popular service and highly recommended if you are traveling before coming to Nozawa Onsen. You can also send directly from the airport (there is a Yamato desk to the left of the exit after customs at Narita Airport), it usually takes 48 hours or less – and  we can help arrange sending from Yoji Nozawa to the airport or another hotel when you leave.


Yoji Nozawa
c/o (Guest Name)

8782-2 Toyosato, Nozawaonsen-mura, Shimotakai-gun,
Nagano-ken 389-2502

(Japanese Address)
Yoji Nozawa
c/o (Guest Name)
〒389-2502 長野県下高井郡野沢温泉村豊郷 8782-2


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